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Transform Your Business with our AI &
Data Services

Let our Gen AI Expertise Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

AI Consultation

Integrate latest AI solutions in your business with our Generative AI expertise.

AI Based Data Analytics

Using the latest AI, get the optimum insights about your company.

Data Scraping

Get data scraped from all public sources online to increase your business intel with us. 

AI Training

Upskill your workforce with  with our Generative AI training to boost their learning and productivity.

Our Past AI Transformation Projects

Medical Tablet

Medical Sector

We shrunk a 2 week manual process into a 2 hour process with our AI solution.

Data was extracted from all the physical files of a patient via OCR and summarized with an AI.

Then our AI solution extracted the relevant information from to summary to qualify the relevant patient for Insurance.

Woman Shopping for Groceries

Retail Sector

Traditional Hypermarket chain earned 40% more profits with our AI and analytics solution.

Multiple data points were created from the existing legacy systems. With our AI based analytics, managers received real time data. With LLM AI, they could talk to their database and operate instead of complicated software navigation.

Car-making factory

Manufacturing Sector

New profitable product lines were discovered with our AI solution. 

As their company grew, It was hard to track and analyze all the customer reviews on multiple channels.

Our solution scraped all the reviews, summarized them and gave relevant suggestion on daily, weekly and monthly basis. From this new product lines were discovered.

Working With the Best Clients 

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Our AI Training Services

Unprecedented Velocity with AI.

Impeccable Reliability with our Expertise.

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